Are You Physically Healthy?

Whether you like it or not, health is a staple part of who you are.

It is one of a few pillars in life that you cannot escape (think finance, other people etc.).

What we want to do is to help you with your health.

After all, what’s the use of success (with time/money/freedom etc.) if you are too unhealthy to enjoy it?

So, what is health?

Our definition of health goes deeper than aesthetics.

We consider several layers, neither more important or independent of the other.

It is a labyrinth in which one end of the spectrum can influence another, and vice-versa.

Our health considerations include elements of physical, physiological, neurological, psychological and nutritional.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to give you a deeper understanding of these health considerations and why we believe you should consider them when considering your life.  



Being physically healthy means feeling good in your body. Thats the most important thing.

First and foremost, are you in pain?

Do you avoid seemingly “normal” exercises because of back, neck or shoulder pain?

Here is our first issue to resolve.

Regardless of what treatment method necessary, if you do not feel good in your body, you are not physically healthy - simple.

It may require weight loss or strengthening certain muscles, but, most importantly, it will require attention and action.

The second consideration to being physically healthy involves posture.

If you have compromised posture you will not only affect may other layers of the “health” spectrum, but you will put yourself in vulnerable place in a physical sense.

Self-experiment – try and demonstrate to yourself what the following feelings would look like –





Go on, take a minute...

Now you may or may not have noticed the postures of each of the emotions.

If not, try them again…

It’s no coincidence that poor posture is consistent with poor emotional quality and the quality of your emotions often determine the quality of your life.

Does this mean sit up straight and you’ll be fine?

Not at all, good posture itself is result of deliberate training and constant management of specific muscles groups that may be compromised.

This seamlessly rolls us onto the third part of our physical health spectrum and that is robustness or prevention.

Picture it like this, you would never build a house without laying the foundations.

Same rule applies to your body.

By laying a foundation of good movements mechanics, you put yourself in a less vulnerable position every day (think picking things up off the floor, throwing a ball, slipping and falling etc.).

By shifting the focus of your program towards what you want to achieve and constantly doing the correct maintenance work, you will be capable of achieve a lot more than what you may think.

Once your foundation is solid, you can build anything - run a marathon, do a handstand, play social sport… the list is endless, but the rule is the same.

Physical health is something that must be earned and maintained.

It takes dedication and consistency. Its a long road yes, but at no point should it be painful or "dread-filled" as it is a road we venture on until the end. 

Learn how to move properly, get stronger and feel better so that you can have an extraordinary quality of life, enjoying the journey. 

If you’re ready to learn and enjoy, book in here and we’ll get you into your best physical health yet.