Are you neurologically healthy?

Have you ever stopped to consider your brain?

What makes you think and act the way you do?

Grab a hold of your brains potential and start developing it well beyond what you may have thought possible.

What keeps you breathing, your heart beating, sitting upright, standing, walking or jogging all whilst you go through your day to day business?

Have you been pigeonholed into a category, ie. not creative or no good with numbers or terribly coordinated?

Do you believe this?

Well, accepting such labels may be a flawed way of thinking (correct, you’re now thinking about the way you think). By simply applying systemised processes you can grab a hold of your brains potential and start developing it well beyond what you may have thought it possible.

How it works

We have all experienced the days where a once reliable, fast and efficient software system or computer reaches the point where it slows down causing great frustration.

Remember when you bought a shiny new laptop?

When you started together it was beautiful.  It did everything, quickly and efficiently exactly as you expected it to. 

Then, over time,  things started to change.

You made a few downloads, backed up your phone, updated the software a few times and now it's frustratingly slow, running out of energy quickly making errors frequently.  

What if we explained that your brain and the way it operates is similar to a computer, remembering information at an incredible rate and processing it as quickly as possible? And what if we told you that your nervous system is similar to the wires that transmit the information to various parts of the computer at rapid speeds with great reliability?

We ask the same of our brain and nervous system...

Well that’d be a good start but there is one fundamental difference between your brain and a computer (along with the obvious ones)... You don’t need a new brain every 5 years to keep up with the new information it receives.

In fact, you can’t have a new brain, the one you have currently is yours for life so why not take great care of it!

In a nutshell, for most of us without a significant brain injury, the brain you have is perfectly capable of performing at a higher level every day without ‘new hardware’ and it is your responsibility to make this happen.

Your brain is the master of your existence. Whilst you live with many other organs that are vital to staying alive, your brain is your control centre.

Everything you do is a direct reflection of your brain’s function. Every decision, every movement, every thought… scary stuff right?

Whilst there may be many definitions, we view neurological health as taking control of your brain’s function and working to make it better every day.

If your brain is not growing, it is shrinking, making it incredibly important to consistently work on and challenge the entire function of your nervous system.

At SOFplatinum, we implore evidence based tactics that involve complex movement, cognitive stimulation, breathing techniques and stillness to challenge your nervous system throughout an entire training session, improving neurological health.

The best part? It’s addictive and REALLY GOOD FUN!

We’ve built the framework for you to make better decisions, feel less pain and live a better quality life, all you need to do is show up. to try your first session on the house and start making the most of your brain, your body and your life. You’ll thank yourself later.