So, Why SOF Platinum?

At SOF Platinum, we offer an ‘intelligent’ approach to training… Literally.

In an industry saturated with fitness trends and the promises of quick fixes, it’s our mission to offer the most comprehensive training experience whilst continuing to achieve great results for all our members.

Big call, we know. And it’s one we’re happy to make.

So how do we do this?

SOF Platinum is all about your experience and most importantly, it’s scientifically supported.

We don’t promise miracles. We believe in continued development and constant challenge. It’s what allows you to grow, mentally and physically.

Speaking of which, that’s how we train – mentally and physically.

SOF Platinum is a premium blend of brain and body, mind and movement.  We’ve combined the brilliance of neuroscience with the challenges of movement to create a session that stimulates body and brain like never before.

We do this by adding drills designed specifically to improve brain function into a comprehensive exercise program which caters for people of all shapes and sizes, injured or perfectly healthy.

Our routine of training follows our ‘four S’ model of Stimulate, Strong, Sweat and Still.

Stimulate is the first thing you’ll do when you enter and it involves a comprehensive warm up of the body and brain – combining movement with nervous system stimulation to make you feel alive.

Strong is our second stage of the program where you’ll spend 15 minutes performing a strength routine under the watchful eye of one our qualified coaches. We are certain that the movement sequences we’ve put together will challenge you and improve overall strength and coordination as well as reduce pain and potential for injury.

Sweat is the third part of the program which will take care of all your cardiovascular and aerobic fitness needs. We understand that ‘annihilating yourself’ is not for everyone which is why we keep the brain working in between sets of exercise to maximise both physical and cognitive fitness accelerating the results you’ll achieve from a 15-minute sweat (and yes, this is all scientifically supported).

Still is the end of your session, the last 5 minutes that are arguably the most important. We want you to leave feeling great so we’ve employed a number of ‘down-regulating’ techniques to achieve this and make sure you leave feeling completely alive. With busy lives, people don’t often spend enough time being ‘still’ and we believe in the value this brings for mental clarity and optimal recovery.

Most importantly, SOF Platinum is an experience and we’ve designed the space accordingly.

To enhance your experience, we built the studio around your 5 senses so we’ve got them covered. Sight, smell, touch, taste and sound – all things we considered when building our product. We’ll let you discover them when we see you for your first session... on the house.

Try us out, we promise it’ll be a game changer.