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At SOF Platinum, we value detail, accuracy and effective training. Our priority is to make exercise something you enjoy and look forward to. 

When designing our training program, we built  it on the foundations of utilising our five senses. The importance in doing so is to enhance your training experience so that each and every session is both valued and enjoyed . Every element of our program is purposeful, academically supported and carefully considered, artistically applying scientifically backed methods into an enjoyable and effective training experience. 

Offering small classes of up to 10 people and health consultations for individuals, we guarantee overall heath improvements both physically and mentally. Having developed a program that derives from years of experience in health and wellness, we say with confidence that there is nothing else quite like the experience at SOF Platinum. 




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Designed as a private boutique studio, the space has been created to support our ethos of bringing all 5 senses to life throughout your training session. 

With a vision of stripping exercise back to its purest form, the small equipment provided will change as it is required in each carefully crafted session. 

Tucked away at the base of ARIA Property Group's breathtaking development, Akira, the SOF Platinum studio in Woolloongabba embraces a clean, minimaliststic finish which features an selection of household greenery to make you feel comfortable and eager to enjoy your exercise experience. 

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Central to the delivery of our training sessions are the people who ensure that your experience with us is something to remember. Fitting in with the unique nature of our style of training, you can expect more from our staff than just well educated trainers. 

We have had the good fortune of collectively coaching some of the worlds highest performing athletes, learning from coaches with incredible knowledge and studying the work of some of the real icons in health and wellbeing. 

Whilst we may be coaching physical sessions, we have a deep desire to better understand patterns of human behaviour and we pride ourselves on the way we interact with our community. In a world where social interaction is consistently challenged by technology, we strive to never lose that human touch that is so important to our overall wellness. 

All our trainers are university educated in health science and we pride our service on the ability to manage and prevent injury, as well as comprehensively challenge all fitness levels. 

Our crew consists of Kieran and Rory Maguire, Francesca Sills and Angus Evans and we look forward to making your experience in health and wellness nothing but positive and memorable!